Aggregated shipment

Delivering a small cargo (less than a container or a truck load) from any country of the world to the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and to Ukraine.

We provide the aforementioned transportation together with all financial services in Europe. Such a service is needed by companies who own the shipment and by customs brokers who provide full service for their clients.

The service in question works in the following way: You assign a contract with us for foreign trade and pay for all the purchased goods (irrelevant of the supplier’s whereabouts), transfer our company’s data to the supplier, they bill us and we will pay them. As soon as the goods are ready for transportation, we will organise the delivery to a storage depot in Europe and from there forward the items to you address, and bill you only once.

For example, you have 200 suppliers all over the world from whom you will purchase goods for the amount of less than one container.

To work with the suppliers, you need to:

  • Sign foreign trade contracts with 200 suppliers;
  • Pay by bank transfer;
  • Have all the required agreements with your bank for foreign trade;
  • Hire logistics companies to organise the transport of your goods;
  • Process customs documents with each supplier separately, and take care of many other procedures.

Each aforementioned procedure is very time-consuming and costly, and requires hiring many highly qualified specialists. All this can be achieved by signing a single contract with our company. The system is flexible enough and can be adjusted according to your specific needs.

If your cargo is to be released from customs within the Customs Union and Ukraine, then we have regular partnership agreements with customs brokers in all these countries, and we are willing to help you in this matter.

The main requirements of our clients when delivering aggregated cargo are as follows:

  • Short delivery time;
  • Competitive price;
  • Protection of goods.

Therefore, our work is based on these requirements.

Of course the aforementioned services apply for full size containers and transportation by land vehicles.

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